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Who We Are

Clínica Tepeyac in Denver is dedicated to helping the people who utilize our services. If you’re ready to make a difference, browse our job openings or upload your resume and tell us your interests. We’ll consider you for future job opportunities.

Positions Available

    Medical Assistants are crosstrained to perform administrative and clinical duties. Medical assistants are instrumental in helping patients feel at ease in the clinic and often explain the physician’s instructions. Medical Assistants are an essential member of the Patient-Centered Medical Home. This role will specifically help with Clínica Tepeyac’s COVID testing as needed and may be exposed to infectious and contagious diseases/materials.

    Tepeyac understands that treatment of the whole person includes medical, behavioral health and dental care. All three are needed to achieve the utmost quality care and coordination for patients. Dental decay is the number one chronic disease in children that is 100% preventable —5 times more common than asthma, 4 times more common than early childhood obesity, and 20 times more common than diabetes. Decay can affect speech and communication, eating and dietary nutrition, sleeping, learning, playing and quality of life, missed school and/or work for patients of all ages.

    The Medical Billing Coder works to ensure Tepeyac’s financial stability remains strong by providing, maintaining and collecting on outstanding accounts receivables from payers and patients. The Medical Billing Coder make sure all claim submissions and payment receipts are posted and balanced. This position must provide excellent customer service to all patients, vendors and customers associated with Clínica Tepeyac. This role works in collaboration with all employees.

  • Job Summary:
    The focus of this position is to ensure the efficient delivery of quality case management services in English and Spanish to meet the acuity needs of Tepeyac patients. If a language other than English or Spanish is preferred by the patient, Case Managers refer to the use of the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Language line for assistance. CMs provided services focused on patients with a poorly controlled chronic health condition (i.e. diabetic patients with an elevated Hemoglobin A1c), a behavior health or substance use concern, OB patients, or patients with a complex medical condition such as HIV. The most common case management needs are completion of an application for a Patient Assistance Program, medication monitoring, transportation coordination, food assistance, or referral to legal services.

    Responsible for organizing, coordinating, and providing COVID-19 coordination services to patients within Clínica Tepeyac in close coordination with care teams. Responsible for all COVIC-19 care coordination under the direction of the Chief Health Officer. Works within a progressive, team-based care model to manage patient care. Responsible for COVID-19 care coordination to determine the best way to manage patient care within the Clínica Tepeyac care team; facilitates patient care throughout the entire patient visit as well as manages patient flow on the care team while contributing to continuity of care.