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  • Penelope

    “Penelope”, a low income, monolingual Spanish-speaking women, first came to Tepeyac in the fall because of abdominal pain. The pain subsided but Tepeyac recommended that Penelope come back to Tepeyac for a full well-woman exam. In that visit, a Tepeyac provider referred Penelope to the Mammovan upon hearing that she had a family history of breast cancer. Unfortunately, a mass was found, near her nipple. Due to this location, it was not possible to do a biopsy, so Tepeyac made a referral to Apex facility in Brighton (because she is an Aurora resident). Fortunately, the providers do not think that the mass is cancerous, but, given the family history, surgery was strongly recommended. While they are not able to give the services for free, they are giving her a 46% discount. However, the cost is still $5,000 and she will be on a payment plan for several years to pay it off. At least, she doesn’t have the burden of the cost of the first mammogram, thanks to Komen Colorado. Tepeyac will continue to check in with Penelope throughout the process to ensure that she does not need any additional help navigating her breast health care.