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Individual Giving

How to Help

There many are ways to give to Tepeyac!

When you make a gift to Clínica Tepeyac, you have the power to determine how you’d like to give as well as how the funds are used.

·         One-time Gift: If you’re inspired to make a donation but you don’t know if you can do it on a regular basis, that’s great!

·         Monthly Gift: Make it easy to make a powerful impact! Schedule a recurring donation with us and we’ll send you your donation receipt at the end of the year.

·         Major Gift: A major gift is defined as a gift over $10,000. You have the option to make a single donation, or make pledge of multiple gifts within a calendar year or over several years.

·         Planned Giving: Planned gifts, such as bequests or charitable trusts, can be an advantageous way to provide for a future gift to charity. You can take care of yourself and take care of Clínica Tepeyac. Planned giving involves providing for a future gift to Clínica Tepeyac through your financial and estate plans. To make such a gift, contact your attorney, financial planner, or other professional advisors.

·         Stock Donations

Stock donations are another way to give to Clínica Tepeyac that provides you with a tax benefit. When you donate an appreciated stock to Tepeyac, you do not realize the capital gains tax AND Tepeyac receives the full value of the stock. It's a great value for both you and Tepeyac.

·         Workplace Giving

Start Your Workplace Giving Campaign Today with Community Shares

Workplace giving campaigns provide an opportunity for employees and company leadership to work together on an annual drive to inspire charitable community investment.  Giving campaigns are fun and team building, uniting the company's employees around a common goal.  Inviting employees to give through paycheck contributions is a benefit that increases a company's positive impact on the community while respecting individual employees' desire to express themselves by choosing their favorite charitable recipients.

Want to learn more? Contact Community Shares at or 303.861.7507.


Denver Enterprise Zone: The Colorado legislature created enterprise zones as a way to assist businesses and non-profit organizations located in economically depressed areas throughout the state. This legislation makes it possible for Clínica Tepeyac to offer its donors a 25% Colorado state income tax credit on cash contributions of $250 or more.