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Primary and Preventive Care

Clinic Services

At Clínica Tepeyac in Denver, we offer the following: 


  • Preventative care, including: annual exams; well-child and male/female exams, including bone density screening; immunizations; physicals; mammograms through the St. Joseph Hospital Mammography Van, and STI (sexually transmitted infections) and pregnancy testing
  • Managed diabetes care, including: a comprehensive Diabetes Program that integrates services from across Clínica’s core program areas, including a health coach, discounted medication, diabetes management classes, exercise classes, healthy cooking classes and patient navigation
  • Personal health coaching, including: individualized health plans and ongoing support to promote patient activation (i.e., the skills, knowledge and confidence patients need to manage their health)
  • HIV/AIDS managed care
  • Referrals for specialty care at reduced costs
  • Screening and enrollment for Medicaid, including presumptive eligibility, and CHP+ enrollment

Clínica Tepeyac provides low-cost primary and preventive care at its clinic. All paid clinic providers and staff that deliver services directly to patients are completely bilingual, and all volunteer providers possess some level of Spanish fluency. In addition to general primary care services, patients have access to a number of high-quality, evidence-based programs to support their health and wellness, including: comprehensive prenatal care for expectant mothers; HIV/AIDS managed care that is overseen by one of Colorado’s leading infectious specialists; and a comprehensive diabetes program that includes personal health coaching, healthy eating instruction, and exercise.

To make an appointment call 303-458-5302