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Behavioral Health

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COVID-19 Behavioral Health Resources


  • PHQ9 depression screenings are provided to medical patients, with referrals made for behavioral health services at Clínica Tepeyac, which include individual, couples and family counseling, as well as support groups (e.g, depression, chronic disease management).
  • Behavioral health offers both traditional, one-hour sessions and shorter interventions (known as brief intervention and/or warm hand-offs) for addressing immediate needs and crises. Both are offered at the clinic, improving convenience by removing barriers around transportation and scheduling appointments. Traditional counseling is also available at a second location less than two miles away (both in Denver).

Clinica integrates behavioral health care with physical health care by screening all patients for behavioral health needs. The Behavioral Health department has bilingual counselors who are available to respond when individuals and families are experiencing emotional distress. Providers are aware of the stressful challenges their patients face as well as the strengths of their patients’ culture (resilience, spiritual beliefs, family and community) that empower them to move past those challenges.


To make an appointment call 303-458-5302